LPWAN solutions are commonly used in IoT projects

LPWAN solutions are commonly used in IoT projects. Sensor communication can be compromised in certain contexts, such as underground activities. This requires strengthening the radio infrastructure, by adding antennas, relays and energy supply cables, which has the effect of complicating the deployment and maintenance of the solution and increasing costs.

ORAMA-Net Lite-Grid Multi-Hop technology stabilizes data exchanges between underground activities and local or remote business applications. Because by communicating with each other, step by step and autonomously, all the objects on the site constitute the network, over several kilometers of online gallery and several thousand hectares of cavities if necessary.

In cellars, temperature sensors equipped with the ON-Node software stack communicate with other hygrometry, presence and light sensors, in order to control the critical quality and hygiene factors . In tunnels under construction or in operation, vibration sensors communicate with air quality sensors, geolocation beacons of crew members and preventive maintenance instruments for machines and equipment.

Each connected object propagates uplink data and downlink instructions while avoiding obstacles, from the very low consumption ON-spot micro-station and its remote active antenna.

ORAMA-System makes two offers available to professionals in underground activities, in order to test ORAMA-Net technology, in the field as part of a tailor-made pilot project, or else in the laboratory using an evaluation kit.

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LPWAN solutions are commonly used in IoT projects

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