Connecting deep all


ORAMA-System foundations are the result of long experience and in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the main protocols used by WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks), which convinced us that a paradigm shift was necessary.

Because the propagation of radio waves requires more and more emitters, repeaters or relays to ensure a good coverage, the dead ends to deploying a system have multiplied, including legal, financial, logistical, energetical and technical matters.

To overcome these obstacles, ORAMA-System invented ORAMA-Net, a “Lite-Grid Multi-Hop” private WSN for IoT market, with a large coverage equivalent to LPWAN proposition, but at a lower complexity, lower cost, lower carbon footprint and lower exposure to EM radiations for people.

ORAMA-System started its journey in 2021, and we have been moving forward with conviction and humility ever since. We quickly build an enthusiastic ecosystem of partners to bring this revolutionary technology to market, believing that ORAMA-Net has the potential to change the way to do IoT, introducing “Do IoT Yourself”.


Our Mission

Modernity & Rurality

The genesis of ORAMA-System comes from the following question: how to reconcile modernity and rurality, how to bring the IoT and its benefits to areas poorly covered by operated networks?

Answering this question means finding a solution to equip a forest, a farm, a village with wireless sensors and actuators, over large areas and without heavy and costly infrastructure.

Do IoT Yourself

Through ORAMA-Net, we also have in mind to democratize access to the IoT, to make possible the complete deployment of its private network of connected objects by the main interested party, the end user: the forestry office, the farmer, the technical service of the municipality, and many others.

Connecting Deep All, in all contexts

Democratizing IoT does not mean compromising on the performance, reliability and security of an IoT network. ORAMA-Net was designed without concession, and undoubtedly competes with other propositions, but without their complexity, their additional costs and their impact on the environment. Thanks to these features, ORAMA-System positions its solution on a wide range of applications, from the simplest and classic use case to the hardest in terms of radio wave propagation and the most stringent in terms of communication resilience.

From device in the field to silicon chip in the lab

While ORAMA-System currently offers to convert off-the-shelf LoRa™ devices to ORAMA-Net, we place ourselves from a voluntary and ambitious perspective of making our software stack ON-Node available natively in the different LoRa™ chipsets, open our solution to the IoT developer community and thus free up energies for massive adoption of our technology.

Why choose us


ORAMA-System is itself a network made up of a team of experienced individual coworkers and investors, backed by a group of specialist partners: design firms, device makers, IT services companies.


Wireless Sensor Network

ORAMA-Net: a revolutionary WSN for IoT, that we want to be accessible to the greatest number of people and that makes it easy and fast to connect even the most remote devices; Connecting Deep All is our modo.



Promote local, low carbon and low EM exposure solutions; ORAMA-System is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, its ORAMA-Net technology being designed to be as efficient and sustainable as possible.


ORAMASystem attempts to combine the best of 2 worlds: mesh and LPWAN; this has never been undertaken and is called LGMH for Lite-Grid Multi-Hop.

Business Model

Paying a software license per module or sensor produced is a barrier for device makers; we propose to operate differently. Payment for the ORAMA-Net activation fee will only occur at the time of device commissioning by the installer.


ORAMA-System is a French company, and the heart of our technology is designed and supported from France. We are no less open to the world and firmly believe in the virtues of honest and respectful intercultural exchanges for a more peaceful and prosperous world.


Evaluate or test the potential of the solution​

Evaluate ORAMA-Net through a tailored pilot project or the demo kit

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