A LoRa Multi-Hop solution
for agriculture

Limited probe deployment hindering agricultural precision? ORAMA-Net‘s LoRa Multi-Hop networking extends range & reduces costs. Learn how ORAMA-System with ORAMA-Net enables HSTI to measure soil moisture more thoroughly and cost-effectively.

Up to now, backend connectivity of Hydrascout moisture probe for agriculture relied solely on cellular networks coverage, whether in 2G/3G/4G.

This constraint resulted in limitation of the number of probes per exploitation, because of:

1.  the absence of a reliable network coverage at the probe location, 

2.  the additional costs induced by the need to connect each probe to a gateway (external box, cable & connectors, cellular modem & SIM card subscription).


Limiting the number of probes for reasons external to the desired goal (i.e. measuring soil moisture at a precise and useful location) limits the accuracy of the system.


With ORAMA-Net modem inside its Hydrascout probe,
HSTI improves its range by opening the way to a more precise measurement that is less costly to implement.


ORAMA-Net removes the limitations that were previously imposed on this use case:

1.  the probes organize themselves automatically to form a
private network that can cover a radius of up to 9km
(i.e., 25,000 hectares)

2.  Network just needs a single gateway in a location where safety & connectivity are ensured, whether via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 4G, and if necessary, a single cellular subscription instead of N for N probes.


By “connecting deep all”, LoRa Multi-Hop ORAMA-Net brings new opportunities to HSTI.

ORAMA-Net by ORAMA-System, a LoRa Multi-Hop solution for agriculture

ORAMA-Net by ORAMA-System, a LoRa Multi-Hop solution for agriculture.

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